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µQuant Core

"providing you with the best service and fastest turnaround at the lowest cost"

ELISAs, RT-PCR, Quantitative PCR, Antibody Production & Purification, Protein Purification, Cell Culture


The µQUANT Core Facility provides quality immunological analyses of biological analytes to researchers within IHV and the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) and to other collaborators locally and nationally.

Services offered include, but are not limited to: ELISAs; immunoassay setup & protocol establishment; Luminex Assays; endotoxin testing; monoclonal antibody and recombinant protein screening, production, purification, & labeling; HIV, SIV, & SHIV culture; TCID50 and neutralization assays; and quantitative PCR.

The µQUANT Core Facility reserves the right to change any price, vendor and specification without notice. Items listed in the brochure should be regarded as indicative of service but may not reflect the current situation.


Sarah Mitchell, MS, MBA
µQUANT Core Facility
Lab: S632 S633, Office: N652
Phone: 410-706-4648

Facility Mission:

Assay Philosophy: Consistent Results at the Lowest Cost.

We have devoted significant time to trouble shooting all protocols used and have developed laboratory SOP’s. While assays are not routinely run under GLP conditions run staff is GLP trained and can readily adapt/perform analyses under suitable conditions. Where economically feasible we bulk purchase supplies and use commercial materials, therefore, the manufacturer’s in-house quality control process can be thought of as an extension of our services. Core ELISA assays are run on manufacturer supplied pre-coated ELISA plates and your antigen detected with the supplied, lot number matched, detector antibodies and standards. Non-Core assays, those with insufficient usage to leverage significant enough discounts, are primarily run on in-house coated ELISA plates.

Our aim is to provide consistent service that allows researchers to compare results generated this week with those gathered last month or a year ago.

Ordering & Terms:

Researchers within IHV can request service by filling out a service request form (Appendix A), putting it in the supplied file holder, and dropping samples off in the provided 4ºC refrigerator and/or -20ºC freezer located in equipment room S608.

The IHV Office of Financial Affairs will levy charges at the end of each month. Members of the UMB communities should include an Inter-Departmental Transfer (IDT) for anticipated charges along with samples.

Those located at other UM campuses can pay byInter-Campus Transfer of funds. All external service requestors must pre-pay for service by check.

Any refund due will be processed and forwarded to the UMB fiscal offices for a refund of payment, by the µQUANT Core Facility, within 2 business days of the performed service. Typically, the UMB administration takes 1-2 weeks to process the request.

  • IDT Acct# 03-2-91702
  • IDT Acct# 02-3-91168

Courier Drop Information:
Attn. µQUANT Core Facility, S-632
Institute of Human Virology
725 W Lombard St
Baltimore, MD, 21201
Phone: 410-706-4648


  • ELISA assays are run Tuesday and Friday of each week. Samples should be provided prior to 8:30am the morning on which assay service is requested. Results for Core ELISA assays are typically ready by 3pm on the assay day.
  • Freezer stocks are pulled by 11am the following day your order is received.
  • All other assays are run on an as-needed basis and turnaround will be discussed with the service requestor upon sample submission.


Lab Head

Sarah Mitchell, MS, MBA