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IHV Flow Cytometry Core

Lab Head


Yutaka Tagaya, BM, PhD
Assistant Professor

Specialized in Infectious Cell Sorting

The Flow Cytometry Core of the Institute of Human Virology (IHV) offers comprehensive flow cytometry services to IHV, UMB, and outside users. In our Biosafety Level 3 (BSL3) facility located on the UMB campus, we specialize in infectious cell sorting with viruses such as HIV, HTLV, hepatitis, influenza, SARS-CoV2, as well as in non-mammalian cells like yeast.

Yutaka working in the BSL3 lab

Please first contact Felisa Diaz-Mendez with any questions. We are more than happy to flexibly accommodate your needs. Clients can schedule time on our shared calendar. Typical experiments run one or two hours. Please contact the Flow Core staff to request permission for longer experiments. To request access to the IHV Flow Core calendar (UMB customers only), please contact the IHV IT Health Desk.

The IHV Flow Cytometry Core is located in IHV room N664 (a BSL3 facility).


  • Consultations for experimental design, execution, and troubleshooting multi-color flow experiments.
  • Sterile cell sorting and analysis of human, primate, mouse, and other cell lines, including infectious cells.
  • If users prefer to do their own analysis, we offer support using FLOW JO.
  • Fluorochrome antibody conjugation or assisting customers in choosing an appropriate conjugation kit.


BD FACSAria sorter-analyzerBD FACSAria sorter-analyzer

  • Three lasers: 488 nm, 633 nm, 405 nm.
  • 12 colors.
  • Two and four-way sorting (Standard FACS and 15 mL tubes) into 6, 12, 24, 48, 96, and 384-well plates.
  • Single-cell sorting with index sorting option.


GUAVA (for UMB customers only)

  • Three lasers, 488nm, 635nm, and 405 nm.
  • 11 colors.
  • Users perform their own experiments on this machine.
  • IHV Flow Core staff only performs analysis.
  • Users can schedule experiments by posting his/her preferred time on the white board wall-mounted calendar in front of the GUAVA machine (IHV Room N541).