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Speaker Abstract Submission

This year at IHV2023, we are only considering abstracts from those who received an invite from the organizers to speak at the event. The agenda and speakers have already been chosen. We will not be accepting abstracts for posters this year.

People who were invited as speakers for IHV2023 are required to submit an abstract for their presentations. Abstract should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than June 30, 2023.  

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

  1. All presenting authors must supply a short bio and photograph during the submission process.
  2. Abstract submission requires all invited speakers to be registered for the meeting.  
  3. Abstract body is limited to 900 words. Do not send supplemental materials with your abstract.   
  4. Total number of authors (including presenting author) will be limited to six. The names of all authors (presenting and corresponding), their organizations, and educational credentials must be included in the abstract submission.
  5. Abstracts may only be submitted via the link below.
  6. Submitting an abstract authorizes IHV and JAIDS (Journal of AIDS) permission to publish the data contained therein (invited speaker abstracts). 

Sample Abstract Format

Questions & Support

Please contact IHV Meeting Support if you need assistance.

Speaker Abstract Submission