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Health Systems and Laboratory Strengthening

Through the Nigerian Alliance for Health System Strengthening (NAHSS) project, our Division is involved in providing the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) technical assistance to the Government of Nigeria through the implementation of a national quality management program for HIV care and treatment programs in Nigeria. NigeriaQUAL ( the quality management program, builds upon the framework of performance measurement (data), quality improvement (problem identification, prioritization, and implementation of change), and a quality management structure (quality improvement teams at the site, local, state and federal level) to elevate the HIV care in the government system. The program outcomes are quality HIV care and prevention at the site level to saving lives and prevent new infection, and provide the government with data-driven evidence to make smart investments for controlling the epidemic.

The Division is also involved in collaborating with key government institutions throughout Africa, to maintain and further strengthen the PEPFAR laboratory system. Our efforts include developing National HIV/AIDS Laboratory Guidelines and augmenting the laboratory curricula for universities and health technology schools offering medical laboratory science degrees.