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Communications & Press Policy

To enhance the exchange of information and communication among attendees of IHV2018, the following must be adhered to by all participants:

  • All comments at sessions are off-the-record and not for attribution.
  • No coverage, reporting or publication of scientific data or presentations at IHV2018 is permitted without the written consent of the presenter(s) and Nora Samaranayake (info below). This rule applies to all forms of media, including blogging, tweeting, etc.
  • Alternatively, if content comprises public comments made during the closed meeting, media are acceptable without written consent.  If you are not sure if the comments can be publicized, please err on the side of caution and contact Nora Samaranayake.

One-on-one interviews with scientists and media may be arranged by contacting Nora Samaranayake, Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Institute of Human Virology, (410) 706-8614 or

Those registering for the meeting as “press” must provide their credentials within 3 days of registration to Amina Teal,