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Apply to the Program

Clinical Expectations

  • Round with the infectious disease team at UTH three times per week
  • Attend in the advanced HIV disease clinic at UtH twice per week
  • Goal: Expand clinical expertise with a focus in tropical medicine, and gain experience as a clinical attending

Research Expectations

  • Fellow will actively contribute to research activities underway
  • Aim to develop one major project that can be completed in the year
  • Aim to collaborate with Zambian physicians on 2-3 case reports to be published within the year
  • Aim to develop several abstracts for submission to international HIV conferences
  • Goal: Fellow will gain experience in research concept, design, approval, conduct, analysis, and reporting. By the end of the year the fellow will have submitted at least 3 manuscripts for publication and at least 1 abstract to an international HIV conference.

Teaching Expectations

  • Actively contribute to infectious disease lectures and teaching at UTH
  • Actively contribute to case conferences and journal clubs
  • Assist with global health rotation; facilitating and mentoring student rotators, giving lectures, etc.
  • Goal: Gain experience as an educator and mentor; begin developing a portfolio of lectures

Public Health Expectations

  • Participate in public health work at the UMB office 1-2 days a week
  • Participate in various field experiences and work trips as a Medical Technical Advisor
  • Participate in developing grants and writing reports
  • Goal: understand basic understanding of how international public health grants operate; gain familiarity with M&E, CQI, TA, community health efforts

Educational Expectations

  • Complete UMB Grad School “Certificate in Implementation and Dissemination Science” (4 classes)
  • Submit at least one abstract to an international HIV conference (CROI, IAS), with funding to attend conference if abstract accepted
  • Goal: gain additional education and experience pertaining to global health implementation


To apply for the MKM Global Health Fellowship, applicants should submit the following to

  1. A personal statement detailing the applicant’s interest in global health, specifically in global health research and education. The personal statement should include any prior global health experience, and how this fellowship will help to advance their career (1-2 pages).
  2. A current CV, with all medical training and positions held to date, as well as publications and relevant scientific contributions
  3. Up to three letters of reference. At least one should be from a Program Director, and one should be from someone who can comment on the applicant’s potential for a career in global health.


  • Applications must be submitted by Friday, October 14th by 5pm EST.
  • Applicants will be informed of interviews by Friday, October 21st. 
  • Final candidate selection will occur by Wednesday, November 30th