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Bucknell Magazine: The Bucknell Brigade Prepared Sarah Dickinson Schmalzle ’05 for a Career in Urban Medicine

October 26, 2022

Sarah Schmalzle, MD

Sarah Dickinson Schmalzle ’05 woke up in Nicaragua.

With her heart set on becoming a doctor, she studied cell biology and biochemistry and minored in philosophy. Then, her interest in social justice ignited through service-learning and advocacy programs at Bucknell — namely the Bucknell Brigade.

“In my first trip to Nicaragua, we understood the sociopolitical background, health care access and the environment before we got there. So it wasn’t just a moving experience — for most of us, it was the first time we really witnessed poverty. We understood why things were the way they were and how our country played a role. That experience just really wakes you up.”

Her service work expanded. She participated in Bucknell’s Scholars in Service program with AmeriCorps on its hunger and homelessness team, spending overnights doing intake at a local shelter, and working with the team to start a soup kitchen in the community.

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Vanessa McMains
Director of Media & Public Affairs
Institute of Human Virology
University of Maryland School of Medicine

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