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Epidemiology and Prevention

The Division of Epidemiology and Prevention is directly involved in HIV care and treatment, medical training and research activities from West Baltimore to West Africa. 

Through IHV’s affiliate, IHV-Nigeria, this Division is providing a flexible and expandable platform for the conduct of health research of the highest ethical and scientific quality in Nigeria. This is achieved through strong program management and administration, logistic support, staff training and re-training of highly motivated and committed staff who appreciate every aspect of the research enterprise.

The division is engaged in five areas of research:

  1. Operations and Implementation Research
  2. Clinical Epidemiology
  3. Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission
  4. Cancer Epidemiology
  5. Pathogenesis Research

Additionally, laboratory science, viral oncology, public health, clinical trails, HIV and TB treatment, and epidemiological studies of marginalized most at risk groups are currently studied in the Division of Epidemiology and Prevention at the Institute of Human Virology.