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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are studies designed to find new and better ways to treat patients. Through clinical trials, scientists and physicians at the Institute of Human Virology have broken new ground in the development of treatments.

Why Enroll in a Clinical Trial?

  • Clinical trials test new treatments for HIV
  • During the trial you will be closely monitored by health care professionals and doctors.
  • You will receive compensation for your time and effort.
  • Your participation can be a valuable contribution to future research and treatment of people with HIV

IHV Clinical Trials Unit

Institute of Human Virology
725 w. Lombard St.
Baltimore, Md. 21201

To enroll in a study call 410-706-0100 or toll free 1-866-448-4448.

Study Who It's For What it Does Who Can Enter
Current Complications of Antiretroviral Therapy

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People with HIV who need new drugs because their current HIV medicines are not working

This study will test approved and investigational medicines to treat HIV based on the type of virus  and the resistance profile of that virus

1. Male or Female 18 yrs or older on potent antiretroviral therapy (ART)
2. HIV + with a CD count of less than 200 at screening
3. Viral Load more than or 1000
4. Never received a type of drug called an integrase inhibitor
A5240 This study is the first of its kind to test the HPV vaccine in females infected with HIV

This study will see if the HPV vaccine, when given in 3 separate doses, is safe and tolerable in females infected with HIV.  

1. HIV positive.
2. Females 18 to 45.
3. Any T-cell count and any viral load 4. If you are taking ART, on the same combination of medicines for at least 12 weeks before study entry. You do not need to be on ART to be eligible for this study.
5. No cervical cancer, very abnormal Pap smear, or genital warts within 180 days.
6. No prior vaccinations for HPV.

This study is for people who are HIV infected but have never taken HIV medications. 

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Each person will go into one of three groups. Each group will be taking a different set of HIV medications. 1. HIV + men and women
2. HIV-1 infected people at least 18 years of age
3. Have not taken HIV medication
4. No resistance to the type (class) of medications provided by the study on a test called a genotype.
5. HIV viral load (HIV level) currently 1000 copies/mL or higher

People who are HIV-1+ and would like to take part in a study that will test their immune system’s response to the zoster vaccine.

This research study will test a vaccine, Zostavax (used for Herpes zoster or shingles) to see if it can help fight complications of the virus that causes zoster or shingles

1. HIV + men and women
2. 18 years old or older
3. On stable potent ART regimen
4. CD4 greater than 350  at enrollment

R5 Integrase Study

For HIV positive people who have not been treated for their HIV for more than 7 days.

A 48 week research study to look at how well two FDA approved drugs for the treatment of HIV work when they are used together.

1. HIV + men and women
2. 18-75 years of age
3. CD4 count greater than 500
4. Viral load greater than 5,000
5. Antiretroviral naïve (less than 7 days of experience)


Subjects must not have had previous treatment for their HIV or they must have been off ART for at least 8 weeks before screening for the study.

This is not an HIV treatment study, it is a research study of a drug that is not approved by the FDA. The study will look at the safety and tolerability of this experimental drug for HIV.

1. HIV + men and women
2. 18 – 64 years old
3. The study nurse will review the other study requirements with you

GSK - ING People who are HIV Positive and who has never started treatment. A research study that will compare the treatment of a new HIV drug to an FDA approved drug. 1. HIV + men and women
2. 18 years old or older
3. Not yet taken HIV drug therapy