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Partnership for Advanced Care and Treatment (PACT)


The Partnership for Advanced Care and Treatment (PACT) is a 5 year cooperative agreement with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control that provides funding to IHV for the provision of model HIV prevention, care and treatment services across inner city clinics in Nairobi, Kenya. This is in partnership with the Nairobi City council, the University of Nairobi, Liverpool VCT, Care and Treatment.

The objectives of this grant are to provide an opportunity for IHV to utilize its well regarded expertise in the provision of maternal-child HIV care and prevention and treatment of families infected and affected by HIV towards the provision of a fully functional and well serviced network of care that offers a smooth integration of prevention, treatment and care services.

Crucial to demonstrable success in the program is the development and utilization of key care algorithms at various points in the service cascade, dropout-proof referral and integration systems between services and sites, and the continued tracking and measurement of critical service and outcome indicators that are proven to be determinants of good treatment and care outcomes.

IHV is excited about the prospects that the PACT grant presents - first in terms of the socioeconomic and geographic nature of the sites we are dealing with (an inner city population - which possesses its own set of unique challenges and opportunities for providing prevention and treatment services) and also in terms of the opportunities for a greater utilization of new data and indicator monitoring tools to drive the provision of services and their quality.

IHV hopes it will not only achieve prevention and treatment success rates on par with or better than what is currently achieved in top programs but that IHV will also learn novel ways of providing services within this context that will have an impact on patients across the globe.