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Services of Evelyn Jordan Center

The EJC is staffed by a core group of specially trained medical providers including Infectious disease specialist, internist, family physicians, registered nurses, psychiatrists, nurse practioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, psychologist, dietitians, social workers legal assistance, and substance abuse counselors. The administrative staff of the office are highly trained to be attuned to the special needs of our clients. In addition the EJC collaborates with the University of Maryland Schools of   Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, and Nursing to function as a training center for professionals in the state of Maryland and worldwide.  

Primary care: The EJC provides act as primary care providers to HIV infected patients and offer services including diagnosis and treatment of opportunistic infections, malignancies, and common medical conditions such as vascular disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, hepatitis, and asthma.

Social Work: The Social Work Program provides on-site case management and psychosocial support to our patients. A team approach is utilized, incorporating providers and nurses so that multidisciplinary care is coordinated and maximizing patients’ engagement in care and treatment. Social workers will conduct an in depth psychosocial assessment and develop a care plan to address the patients’’ psychosocial issues.  Various support and education groups are run in parallel to enhance the treatment experience. Social workers are also specifically trained in the social security application process and are able to expedite the application process. This comprehensive approach empowers patients to successfully achieve adherence to medications, while encouraging independence.

Nutrition:  A Registered Dietitian provides comprehensive nutrition care.  The dietitian assesses the nutritional status of each patient and then determines an appropriate nutrition care plan.  Assessments include a detailed diet history, a BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), education on nutrition guidelines for HIV, weight management, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other diseases as needed.   

Pharmacy: Pharmacists are in the office or on call to assist in patient management of medication reconciliation, resolution of medication side effects and interactions, and adherence monitoring.

Psychiatry: The EJC’s Mental Health team is co-located in the Evelyn Jordan Center and provides mental health services 5 days a week. A team of psychiatrists and psychotherapists provide the following services:

  • Psychiatric evaluation and assessment
  • Psychopharmacological treatment and management
  • Psychotherapy and supportive counseling

Legal Services: Student attorneys, working under the supervision of a faculty member (attorney) at the Law School,  provide a variety of civil legal services, including assistance in employment discrimination/FMLA cases, social security disability appeals, preparing advance directives  and standby guardianship designations

Substance abuse: The EJC substance abuse service program delivers individualized comprehensive outpatient substance abuse treatment including substance abuse assessment, individual and group counseling, referral monitoring and after-care planning with follow-up. The substance abuse service program includes a well structural supportive staff of psychiatrists, theorists and addiction counselors for the Suboxone Maintenance Program here at the center. Our cross-disciplinary approach allows us to formulate multidisciplinary treatments and foster cross disciplinary referrals and consultations for patients care.

Housing:  The EJC housing staff is committed to battling the dual crises of AIDS and Homelessness and empowers socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals through assisting them in finding stable housing in Baltimore City.  A Housing Case Manager and Housing Outreach Worker work address housing concerns, protect tenants and the homeless from discrimination, and act as patient advocates.

Women’s services: A special half day session of the office is dedicated solely to issues that affect HIV infected women.  Child care is provided by Johnson Daycare. Medical and mental health care are directed at issues unique to women including onsite include Pap smears, pelvic exams, contraceptive care, pregnancy testing, colposcopy, and individual counseling.

Onsite testing and community outreach: Onsite testing and counseling is available free of charge 5 days a week. Staff of the Evelyn Jordan Center in conjunction with the HIV providers of Baltimore provides free testing throughout the Baltimore region in various community venues several times a year.  

Treatment Support & Adherence: The EJC provides enhanced multidisciplinary adherence services for patients through intervention and counseling on-site. Emphasis is on education about medications, understanding of medical treatments and instruction and demonstration of pillbox fills. Every effort is made to meet each patient's unique situation, with the over all goal of teaching empowerment and independence in self care