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Training Plan

AITRP Training

The way in which AITRP will continue to build sustainable research capacity in support of Nigeria’s national response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic is through a “mentor-the-mentor” training paradigm to create institutional commitment, faculty capacity enhancement and sustainable re-integration of trainees to form a critical mass of internationally trained research investigators.

Mentor the Mentor

UM AITRP will build research capacity of the Nigerian mentors by training senior and mid-level faculty as co-mentors with the U.S.-based faculty. This research training “triad” of US mentor, one or more Nigerian co-mentors and junior faculty and/or pre/post-doctoral trainee forms a long-term training partnership and strengthens institutional partnership. Mentor-the-mentor training starts with immediate upgrading and updating the research capacity of a senior to mid-level Nigerian faculty from IHV-Nigeria or a partner institution.  This training involves initial research training that strengthens existing research capacity for the Nigerian faculty mentor in a specific discipline relevant to needs.  This mentoring process lays the foundation for a long-term and ongoing relationship between the U.S.-based faculty member and a Nigerian faculty member, the “Nigerian Mentor” from the same discipline.   

South to South Long Term Trainings

The majority of long-term trainees involved in south-to-south training with “sandwich” intermediate training in the U.S. to fill in specific training gaps.  Long-term trainee may be a junior faculty member from IHV-Nigeria or its partners, or a pre-/post-doctoral who is at the point in their training where s/he has fulfilled his/her core class requirements at the University of Ibadan or the Ahmadu Bello University and is ready to conduct a thesis that aligns with the priority research areas. The long term trainee will work with the designated U.S.-based and Nigeria-based mentors.