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AIDS International Training & Research Program Overview

Established in 1998, the University of Maryland-IHV AIDS International Training and Research Program (UM-IHV AITRP) has partnered with key academic and research institutions in Nigeria, the Caribbean, and Brazil to build international HIV/AIDS research training capacity. Since 2004, UM-IHV AITRP has worked with the Institute of Human Virology-Nigeria to develop the necessary human capital trained in implementation science and clinical and laboratory research.

UM-IHV AITRP sponsors degree-directed training programs with 23 doctorate and master’s degrees awarded to date; long term mentored research trainings with 24 post-doctoral trainings to date; and short term in-country research training courses with over 50 short term courses and 1,550 students trained to date (click here for one of our highlighted trainings). 

UM-IHV AITRP trainees are giving back from the trainings they received by documenting research findings in publications and working in the field of HIV/AIDS research. Some of the UM-IHV long term trainees are highlighted below.

AITRP group


Contact Us for information about research training opportunities.

UM-IHV-AITRP coordinators:

Joyce Johnson
Sunday Fagbenro