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    Dr. Robert C. Gallo
    The Institute of Human Virology (IHV) was founded and is directed by Robert C. Gallo, M.D., the eminent scientist who became world famous two decades ago when he co-discovered that the HIV virus was the cause of AIDS. Read More

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    The Statistics Are Grim
    More than one child is HIV infected every 40 seconds, more than 2,000 every day,more than 14,000 weekly and 750,000 annually. And the clock is ticking.

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    Worldwide Impact
    The IHV delivers life-saving medications and therapies to more than 5,000 HIV-infected people in Baltimore and almost a quarter million people at IHV-supported clinics in Africa and the Caribbean. Read More

Research Initiatives

  • IHV Research is Leading the Way Toward Finding a Cure

    IHV scientists and researchers are forging new paths in the fight against HIV and AIDS, the deadliest pandemic in modern medical history. The IHV is the first research institute in the United States to link basic science, population studies and clinical trials in an effort to develop new vaccines and treatments, and to ultimately find a cure. Learn More

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