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Basic Science

In the Basic Science Division of the IHV, nearly two dozen faculty members lead research programs defining the molecular basis of infection and immunity and developing novel therapies and treatments of infectious disease, immune dysregulation, inflammatory disorders and cancer. Nearly 100 scientists, inclusive of faculty, fellows, students and technicians belong to the Division, whose research is supported by a diverse portfolio of federal, state, philanthropic and industrial funds.

Research Programs

The Division is organized into five inter-related and inter-disciplinary research programs that cover numerous aspects of infection, immunity and inflammation research:

Division Heads

Wuyuan Lu, PhD, Co-Director
Head of the Laboratory of Chemical Protein Engineering
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Eric J. Sundberg, PhD, Co-Director
Eric J. Sundberg, PhD, Co-Director
Head of the Laboratory of Structural Immunology & Oncology
Professor of Medicine