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Partnership for Advanced Clinical Education Program (PACE)

The Partnership for Advanced Clinical Education Program (PACE) is a major training and education program to provide pre-service and in-service HIV training in Kenyan medical institutions.  A collaboration between the IHV and the University of Nairobi Kenya, PACE is funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

PACE is a direct result of the recognition IHV has garnered as technical partners for governments and ministries of health.  IHV’s successful development of program tools and systems for combating HIV/AIDS in African nations as well as a recognition of our unique preceptor ship approach to medical training (which has been employed in training health workers across all facilities as part of our AIDSRelief program) proved to be integral in winning this important grant in Kenya.

PACE gives IHV an opportunity not just to provide educational tools to the major health training institutions in Kenya but it also provides IHV with the responsibility of reviewing current curricula and making recommendations for more effective educational systems.  The grant is also an avenue within which to expand Infectious disease training in the country using HIV education as an entry point, and to introduce novel means of collaboration across the globe.

In partnering with the University of Nairobi on this grant, IHV envisions the beginning of what will hopefully be a future full of opportunities for knowledge and experience sharing between our two universities and nations, especially in a bid to better improve the healthcare of the whole world.